I would like to start on a positive note about my 6100D netgear gateway.   WOW!   but..... I have some concerns about data use and the reporting that is offered from Sprint as well as the sprint support has been minimal at best. 


I can fire up the router and watch streaming video for a few hours and then note my data consumption on the main page as well as check the Check Carrier Usage link and even go to the sprint web site and check usage there.   I then turn off the gateway and leave it off for a few days (over the weekend) and check my usage on the Sprint web and while the Gateway was off the bandwidth will go up sometimes as much as a few gig.  I called Sprint support and they said that I must not have really turned off my gateway and there might be a battery in it.   Well I told them that it was unplugged and the use went up about three gigs and they had no answer.   My ticket is still open.   Well I know this puppy is a hot little item but I doubt that it can route packets to my neighbors when its unplugged.   I just need to know if anyone can give me the technical answers on this ... real technical.

A.   Did someone hack the tower and use my account to use my bandwidth while the gateway was off ?

B.   Do they really have that big of a delay in getting the consumption and its no way even close to real time ?

C.  Combination of A and B ?


I really simply want the facts about data from cell towers and in specific the Sprint provider but if others have seen this with their provider then please share.   The product has saved me a lot of pain of using cell phone hot spots and there is now way I am going to get DSL or Cable out in the country so its really solving a big problem for me right now and for that I am grateful.


I suspect I will need to find some kind of tool that will log my use in real time so that I can feel comfortable about what I pay for and that I am not paying for someone else that is stealing my bandwidth when my gateway is turned off and unplugged.

It sounds kind of radical but unplugging was about the only way to get Sprint to understand that it was not my neighbors guessing my password or something basic like that.


I like the product a lot.   I just need a way to manage the use so that the darn thing shuts down before I go over.  The penalty for going over is almost 75% of the total price for the total gigs I contract with them and could end up in the thousands of dollars pretty quick if I do not shut it down before I run over.   Sprint works with me to credit the gigs when I prove that it was off and document the use before I shut it down and after but really what I want is a way to manage the tool.



Model: LG6100D|LG6100D LTE Gateway (Sprint)
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Hello JFK


I would say its a delay of the data being reported I would find a tool to double check the usage see if its close to what sprint is reporting you are using because It shouldn't be going up when its unplugged.



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