Corrupted EEPROM on ReadyNAS 2100


Corrupted EEPROM on ReadyNAS 2100

I was attempting to upgrade a RedayNAS 2100 from RAIDar 4.2.31 to 6 and I discovered that I actually have the v1 hardware that doesn't support 6. (V1 aparently uses a full size DIMM memory stick)


I built a recovery USB key and got the unit to boot again but now I have the empty screen frontpage when logging into the unit now and the Radiar software shows a blank model number when I try it.

From what I have read on the forums it appears that the EEPROM is corrupted and I was hoping I could get instructions to recover it to make the unit operational again. I understand I need a VPD file to go into the unit was hoping someone could help me with obtaining a replacement.


Thank you!


Model: RNRX4420|ReadyNAS 2100 8TB (4 x 2TB Enterprise)
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Re: Corrupted EEPROM on ReadyNAS 2100

The VPD file is unique to your NAS (it includes the serial number) and is encrypted.  Only Netgear can create them.


You did use an OS4.2.x style USB recovery, correct?  And did the process seem to go right (unit turned off at completion)?  If not, then try another USB drive.  The legacy machines can be quite finicky about the drive you use.  OS6 conversion preserves the VPD, so I'm not sure why the upgrade process, though it would fail to boot on that hardware, would cause the VPD to be deleted or corrupted.

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Re: Corrupted EEPROM on ReadyNAS 2100

Yes I used a 2GB thumb drive that I keep around for firmware updates because I've had good luck with it working on everything I've plugged it in to like test equipment

Held down backup for 15 seconds while pressing power on and unit seemed to boot and shut it's self off after about 3-4 minutes.
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