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Using Mr60 as ms60


Using Mr60 as ms60

Can I add mr60 mesh wifi router to my existing network as a mesh wifi point (ms60)?
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Re: Using Mr60 as ms60

Hello Fuscionjoker, 


You will need to set the MR60 as an access point.



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Re: Using Mr60 as ms60

Why has this still not been fixed?  People have been complaining about it since this product came out.


There is no reasonable excuse for refusing to allow use of an MR60 as an MS60.  The hardware has to be basically the same (and may even just be the same).  This is likely a firmware change at most (or I've heard rumors it can be hacked, although I have not found actual evidence of that).


You now are selling MS60s on their own, but the price point is absurd--I can buy an extra MS60 for $125 on Amazon or an MK63 kit, which has two satellites, for $243.  Why would I buy the satellites on their own?  I can buy the kit for less than the price of two satellites.  


However, then I'm stuck with an MR60 that I cannot use.  I don't want an AP--that defeats the point of Mesh.  It is just going to add to the electronics waste that we already have to much of--why can Netgear not understand all of this, including the environmental responsibility?

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