Parental controls RX300


Will "Parental control" be implemented on rx300 or rx500 routers?


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Re: Parental controls RX300

There is a form of Parental Controls that we currently have implemented in the beta called Traffic Control so you can decide when devices should be offline/online and what kind of traffic they have access to etc.
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Re: Parental controls RX300

Just whether there will be a more advanced control system or just a simple schedule.

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Re: Parental controls RX300

Here is a little excerpt from the help icon for the feature, hopefully that will give you a better idea but if not I can expand further:
"Use this feature to control which devices can connect, when they can connect, and what services they can access. Set a schedule to only enforce rules within a certain time period."
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Re: Parental controls RX300

If you want something more detailed, I would look into a custom DNS service. I was looking for the same thing as I wanted to block my daughter from using TikTok. Check out NextDNS. It helps block ads and trackers if you want to go deeper as well. Basically it's like a Pi-Hole in the cloud without having to set up a VPN to use it outside of your home. They allow you to block certain apps or websites.

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