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Pretty graphical maps, but not so useful

The graphical charts of the DumaOS on the Netgear XR500 are nice to look at, but some of them simply are not realistic when you consider a modern home. All the demos and examples show homes with 4-5 devices connected, so the interfaces are clean an easy to see. 


But when you consider a modern home with multiple computers, phones, tablets, TV's, streaming devices, home automation, security cameras, sensors, IOT ... that graphical Network Map gets pretty hard to read. Device names are overlapping on each other making some of the device names impossible to read. Trying to find a device on your network by MAC address is an exercise in frustration with no search/find options in that graphical map. There should be a toggle to view the same info in a table format; additionally let me export the table in CSV. 

Would have been nice if the Netgear Settings menu still included the "Attached Devices" screen.


Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Pretty graphical maps, but not so useful

Thanks for the feedback, we'll add this to our roadmap as we realise it does not suit every household to have it displayed in this way
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