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R 8000


R 8000

Netgear won't recover my password from when I rebooted. They then state the answers to my security questions are wrong but they are not. They won't let me contact them directly to correct this because my warranty has expired

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Re: R 8000

Have you tried factory resetting (push a paper clip into the little hole on the back) your router and just start over? Everytime I have done that it always asks me to pick new security questions and answers.

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Re: R 8000

There an issue with "password recovery" where if it wasn't setup, it still asks the recovery questions. But there isn't a correct answer so it keeps asking and doesn't let you recover them.

If you don't know the answers to the questions, didn't setup them up. Then you're only option to get back in is to factory reset and reinstall.
Push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds while its powered on. 

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
also in AP setup: RAXE500->EAX80
1.4gig download/50mbps upload from Xfinity
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