Nighthawk s8000 switch!

Hey guys, so this pertains to the switch, and to some home networking issues as well. I hate to post something so off topic but I’m very troubled with my situation in which it seems that I have done everything I could on my end and my ISP support has given no help. I thought that the netgear community would probably have a bit more insight than most people, so sorry if this post is off topic but I’m desperate at this point.

I have frontier, 50/50. I’ve tested my internet, line quality is great, location and ping times are great, but my bandwidth was horrible which gives me super high ping while gaming. But with my G1100 Gateway I have no qos options. So I bought the s8000 switch. In my mind I was going to set it up like this: coaxial->Gateway(WiFi off)->switch->exact same model G1100 Gateway as Access point This way I could prioritize my PS4 connection through the switch and slow all other speeds. However I’m not skilled enough to manipulate the gateways like that so just to test it I took WiFi off of my router and connected PS4 through Ethernet. And while it was the only thing accessing my internet my ping was still outrageous.

All in all, I don’t know what to do here, my isp gives me no help, and I feel like my ping should be lower while gaming. Not sure if I was able to set the s8000 up properly that it would even help me at this point, I don’t know what to do. Anything helps.
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Re: Nighthawk s8000 switch!

The S8000 can't do any magic. Start with connecting the PS4 by Ethernet direct to the gateway and test your ping while gaming. That's the best you can ever have.


Chime back in case the S8000 does make things much worse, e.g. in the test case with the Ethernet from the PS4 to the S8000 and it's uplink port to wired direct to the gateway.


Of course you might want to think about a Nighthawk Pro gaming router, permitting the ISP does allow switching the gateway to plain modem mode.

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