Advice on the best router for our needs


Advice on the best router for our needs

Hi All, and i hope that you can help.


I need a new router and extender for our house and i am torn between a couple. I am hoping that those with experiance of these could present the pros and cons of these so that we can work out which will be best befor spending a lot of mony on it.



200 year old house with solid stone walls (about 2 foot for each wall internally)

the house is only one room deep but is 6 rooms long and the modem is at one end the lounge at the other

we have FFTP, with speeds comming into the BT Openreach Modum of just under 1Gb

We are unable to use power line extenders as we have 2 curcits in the house with the one side on one and the modem on the other


At the moment we have a BT Smart Hub 2 with 6 of the additional disks to try to get it from one end to the other

Our max speed from the router (wifi) is about 300 Mbs (the guarentee is 450 but we can never get this)

One room on the max speed using the current system is about 30 Mbs

In the lounge we get just about enough to stream in SD with the occasional buffering


I am looking at the following:


Nighthawk R8000, but are there any compatable extenders that we could use as i am not sure it is powerfull enough to go through all of the walls


Orbi, i appreciate that the initial capasity is lowere but i can easially add additional satilights to it


MK62, again i know that i will be able to add additional ones to this


Or the RBK13




Please can anyone with experiance of any of these let me know their thoughts, opinions or generally if you think it will work.


Many thanks



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Re: Advice on the best router for our needs

2 ft thick stone walls?!

that's literally one of the worst case circumstances for wifi. Stone, cement, brick, metal all are great at blocking wifi. And yours is 2 ft thick. That's not just great at blocking wifi. Its a whole new level. 

Best option? If you own the home, is to buy a really long masonary bit and drill a hold through the base of the walls and run an ethenet cable. Or go up and over the walls with the wiring. Use access points in the ceiling if they're not stone. 

Mesh systems are great but if they're using the wireless backhaul they need a decent connection to work. that stone wall is going to make it pretty close to unusabe. 

Any chance you have coax throughout the home? If so, you could use moca adapters (ethenet over coax) for a wired backhaul. 

Either way, your best best is to find a way to wire in access points. Otherwise they're running off a poor performing wireless backhaul. 


CM2000-> RAXE500-> GS716v2-> WAX218-> EX8000
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