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Nighthawk RAX45 Two Laptops have IP, can’t get on Internet


Nighthawk RAX45 Two Laptops have IP, can’t get on Internet

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I have two older laptops running different Linux distros and these are recognized and allowed by Nighthawk RAX45 app. IP address, looks like appropriate radio band (2.4 for older WiFi cards) is being used.

Path to Internet: RAX45 connected to switch, then connected to Linux IPFire router/firewall, Intrusion Detection, DHCP box - then connected to fire optic modem and then fiber optic media converter.

Multiple systems are connected to house network with some WiFi devices and wired devices connecting through the RAX45 without a problem.

I try to ping Google and the IP address for the RAX45 is shown as the IP address and no pings are passed through. (It seems that the RAX45 is trying to claim that it is Google or all other devices on the network.) I try to ping the local router (the above Linux IPFire system) and other devices in the home network - same results. I can't browse Internet on either laptops (a first gen Google Chromebook running Ubuntu and an Asus eeePC running another distro). I have tried a wired connection to both of these laptops into the RAX45 and no change. I used my iPhone's as a hotspot without a hitch for the eeePC - so there's something happening with the RAX45 that is no longer allowing these two older laptops to get on the Internet. All other PCs and laptops and tablets etc are on network, OK with WiFi. These two older laptops sat for a while unused.

I checked that both laptops are recognized as known devices via the Nighthawk management app on the iPhone - sees their IP, MAC, and are included in the "home" network - just not allowing their traffic to be routed.

Any thoughts and ideas about this would be appreciated.



Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk RAX45 Two Laptops have IP, can’t get on Internet

Is the RAX in access point mode? 

You put you have a seperate dhcp server/firewall running on your system. 

If you have that, the RAX shouldn't be acting as a dhcp server as well. 


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