C7000v2 Nighthawk - Experiencing major packet losses


C7000v2 Nighthawk - Experiencing major packet losses

For the last 3+ days, I've been experiencing major packet losses from 3 different games. CoD & Rocket League on PC, and NHL 20 on Xbox. I lose about 10-15% of packets during each game (Sometimes even way more). Because I'm using 2 different devices, I know that it isn't my computer or xbox. So please, no ideas on settings or things to try on my PC or Xbox. Also, I use a wired connection, NOT Wi-Fi. 

My download is varying anywhere from 90Mbps to 160Mbps. Sometimes as high as 230Mbps and as low as 10Mbps. I pay for 300 Mbps, and I usually get anywhere from 280-330Mbps. I have noticed that the Upstream light indicator is blinking, all the other lights are solid. Could this indicate the origin of the packet losses? 

I need to venture every possible avenue in my router so that I can rule out that there is nothing wrong with my router. Apparently, when Cox sends out a tech to your home, they will charge you $75 IF the problem exists inside the home and NOT on their end. So I need to try anything and everything to make sure that there's nothing wrong with my router before a tech comes out.
Please, ANY ideas or settings I can do to stop losing so much packets. I played competively for a collegiate eSports team, I have to get this in order. 

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: C7000v2 Nighthawk - Experiencing major packet losses

log into the c7000 and take a screen snip of your modems connections page. this shows your connection back to the isp. post that back on here. 

what you can start with is removing any splitters, amplifiers, attenuators from the line. also move you c7000 to right where the coax enters the home. this prevents the issue from being the wiring within your home in case they do have to check the line. 

check all your connectors for damage, loose connectors, bad connectors, cheap connectors. sometimes simply unscrewing and screwing back on can help. 

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