Re: In Need Of Someone Good At Networking & Fiber Optic Cabling Will Pay $ For Help AC1900/ R700


In Need Of Someone Good At Networking & Fiber Optic Cabling Will Pay $ For Help AC1900/ R7000

     *****************Willing To Pay Seriously Talented People Needed Please Dont Waste My Time or $*****************************

Hello, I am In desperate need of someone who has a passion same as me for Competetive Gaming. Whatever that game may be you should understand the importance's of your internet. I am here today in search of someone who would be willing to hop in a chat with me to help me with setting up my NetGear R7000 I have watched multiple videos & Posts. But none that I have seen doesn't have fiberoptic cabling like me and I am needing someone who knows everything they're is to know about FiberOptic, Networking,  and help me get the best possible connection and advice for my cabling so that I have the best possible connection for when I play for money on Call Of Duty. How my internet is setup is a wire from a box my isp installed outside runs inside to a switch that is located downstairs from me from that switch a wire is ran to one of the cable boxes downstairs and the other wire is ran upstairs to me and that wired is plugged into another switch and from that switch one wire is ran to the other cable box and my router from the router i run 2 cables into my room and directly plugged into my pc and ps4. So for instance from the switch downstairs to the switch upstairs is connected with a 50ft Cat5 or Cat5e Ethernet Cable then a 3ft runs into my router then the 2 Ethernet cables into my room are 50ft Cat5 or Cat5e cables. Im sorry if this is confussing to anyone I want to think I know a good bit about all of this stuff but Im hoping they're is someone out there that knows how to setup everything like a pro and so I could have an upper hand when playing for money speaking of money If someone truely helps me setup everything that im needing help with to perfection I am willing to send them money through Paypal for all they're hard work

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: In Need Of Someone Good At Networking & Fiber Optic Cabling Will Pay $ For Help AC1900/ R700

It sound like you have a decent setup minus the cable management lol. Not your fault though. So obvioulsy you have a connection, what truly matters is your ping to the CoD servers and geographical region. Download and Upload speeds have nothing to do with your gameplay unless they are too slow and don't support your gameplay. You could have 10Mb bandwidth on both up and down uplinks with a 14 ping and you would be golden. Online gameplay doesn't use very much data when it comes to things like that for CoD. I am a heavy gamer and streamer as well. I also work as a Cybersec and network specialist and have loads of experience much of it personal as well.

If I may ask, what are your speeds and ping looking like? With CoD being a peer to peer game, your ping needs to be as low as possible. There is a host advantage as well. Many online FPSs use server hosting rather than let's say you or I being the match host which prevents host advantage. You want the fastest ping possible directly to the host whether it be the server or the person hosting. Ideally anything below honestly 90ish is average. You want to aim below 60 though. I could try my best to help you out though. You'll also want a open NAT 

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