Internet Speeds using Express VPN


Internet Speeds using Express VPN

I installed Express VPN on my laptop and have noticed that my speeds have decreased tremendously, with the app on my top speed is 137 download and without it my top speed was 410 download. I have read several articles that talk about the settings on my router, how would I know if in fact the router is causing the decrease in speed, what should my settings be? I have discussed the issue with Express VPN customer service but they would not get into the routers settings. On a side note, while I had the Express VPN app on I COULD NOT log into my router, once I turned it off I was able to log in. Any thoughts suggestions?

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Re: Internet Speeds using Express VPN

VPN uses encryption which on routers is decrypted by the CPU itself. If the CPU does not have hardware acceleration/decryption support, you'll see lower speeds due to most router CPUs not being fast enough to keep up with high speeds. What you get sounds like the max your CPU can decrypt and you'll never reach the 410 Mbps no matter what VPN setting you change. For VPN, the recommendation is to use the most beefy router you can find in terms of raw CPU speed. If that router uses a CPU with decryption support/acceleration, the better

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