Nighthawk AC2300 - Reset


Nighthawk AC2300 - Reset

I tried to add Q-See Wi-Fi Cameras but I had a problem so I called Q-See tech support. The Indian lady tech support (heavy accent, hard to understand, might not have enough experience) told me to "push & hold reset button for 3 sec".

It's a big mistake!!! I had to reset my router again, at the end the system told me to "save" it before click "finish". I tried both ways when I clicked "finish" it did not work. So I still don't have internet from Netgear router. The internet, 2.4GHz & 5GHz lights are lightly blinking.


Need advice & suggestion. TIA

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Re: Nighthawk AC2300 - Reset

If you reset the router, you'd need to reinstall it. 

try powering off the modem and router and disconnecting coax from the modem.

then connect the coax back to the modem and power it up with nothing connecting. give it a couple minutes to fully boot.

connect the modem to wan port on router

power it on, give it several minutes. 


then try to install the router again. 



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