Nighthawk R7800 Disconnecting


Nighthawk R7800 Disconnecting

Ok so i work for my local ISP (Spectrum) i am an avid gamer and like changing my setup around. However a few months back i moved my set up and started having this issue. Everyday i will need to reset my router for anything hardwired to be connected (Tvs, PS4) however my Xbox 1 does not do this. I will turn my Ps4 on and it will say please connect i then restart my router and it connects right up... What am i missing? Ive reset the router to defualt and everything is up to date


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Re: Nighthawk R7800 Disconnecting

The modem and router could be having issues have you tried a new cord between the 2? also did you move outlets your modem is on? If so that outlet may not be tuned for the modem.



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