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Nighthawk R8000 Internet offline

Recently purchased the R8000 and set it up through the app bc we don’t have a computer. Worked great for a day and now I can’t connect - app says its offline. I can’t do any of the recommended fixes bc I don’t have a computer. Can someone suggest how to fix this through the app?
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Re: Nighthawk R8000 Internet offline

What device are you using? What app is this? Does the device SEE the Wireless SSID and can it connect to it?


On the device, can you open a browser? If you enter into the URL line, what happens? Do you get the UserID and Password prompt? If so, if you enter admin and password, what happens?

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Re: Nighthawk R8000 Internet offline

You kinda need a computer if your going to have a router.  At least a cheap laptop or something.  You need to be able to plug a computer directly into the ethernet ports for reliable configuration and especially if you have any problems like you are having now...


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