R7000 losing connection to comcast, surfboard 6141 modem

I am extremely frustrated.  I lost my internet commection 2-days ago, I trouble shooted with my r6400 AC1750 and I could connect to the internet directly using the surfboard modem.  I reset them modem and it would still neot connect, I reset the R6400 several times and also completed a factory reset.  Believing the router to have died and having a protection plan on the item.  I went to get it replaced.  The R6400 was replaced with a R7000P, I went home hooked up the R7000, all seemed to be fixed until I ran the firmware update, then no internet again.  I have to complete the factory reset on the new router, then things seemed to be good.  This morning I noticed there were only power lights lit on the router and I couldn't connect to the internet again.  Now what?  I need my wifi to be working regularly, not intermittent.  I checked the status each time to make certain there wan't an issue with the incoming stream (I didn't think there as since I could connect via the LAN cable directly to the modem), but wanted to rule everything out.  HELP!!

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: R7000 losing connection to comcast, surfboard 6141 modem

Welcome to the community, @kjthomas


It seems that you have contacted support and got a replacement.

Feel free to provide us an update regarding the replacement unit.


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