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Re: R7000 setup: VPN on Android(openvpn)

It has been a while since I have posted in this thread but since the issues tha tI had with using the VPN server of the R7000 started my needs changed. When I used the R7000 I finally got to use a AsusWRT-Merlin firmware and configured it as a client. That worked well.

To improve things further I bopught a R7800 and flashed tha twith a DD-WWRT firmware and use that with a VPN Client.


Each to their own, with risks invloved when flashing 3rd party firmware, but I do wish that Netgear would add more functionality to the VPN aspect of their own firmware.

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Re: R7000 setup: VPN on Android(openvpn)

Thanks mate. I literally just bought the nighthawk r7000 yesterday so just playing at the minute.

Same thing happened when configuring with open vpn on windows 10. I opened up the config file and noticed the ip was blank, so I edited it to my static ip and hey presto. Edited same .opvn config file on android and its all working now tested via 4G data connection. You would assume downloading the config files from netgear interface would automatically pull my static ip but it was blank. Maybe it is defaulted to dynamic dns (which I know absolutely nothing about).

Yes ddwrt is what im thinking of trying out next. I pay for a pia vpn subscription and I'm gathering the only way to configure this is with ddwrt?

Is it easy enough to revert back to stock firmware if ever goes wrong lol? Thanks for the help, and hopefully others will benefit from my discovery..
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Re: R7000 setup: VPN on Android(openvpn)

I am only hesitant about posting about third party firmwares due to the potential issues which can be caused by those trying them.
For me I understood that risk and accepted what it could mean.

I flashed a Asus-WRT Merlin firmware for the R7000 and it worked great, but QOS doesn't work with it but I did not need that. Apparently the QOS doesn't work in the Asus firmware either.
I did overclock the R7000 to 1.2Ghz and all was well with that. Again there are risks with that.
The UI is very good and easy to use.

For the R7800 there seems to be two flavours of DD-WRT for it. One by Brainslayer and the other by Kong.
I'm new to DD-WRT so that is so a learning curve for me, so far so good.
The R7800 has a1.7ghz and so performs better when used as a VPN client.
The R7000 has DD-WRT available for it as well.

Going to DD-WRT there is a file needed to be flashed first, from factory to DD-WRT. That is critical to the success.

I can provide links to the forums but the risk is down to you. I strongly suggest that you read lots first.

I no longer use the R7000 router. That router will be more limited when being used as a VPN client due to the slower CPU and the fact that no consumer router supports AES decryption in hardware.

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Re: R7000 setup: VPN on Android(openvpn)

Bluntly to NG, has this **bleep** been resolved? Because its not working. WTF. Months. Post the **bleep**ing answer here please.

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Re: R7000 setup: VPN on Android(openvpn)

not resolved yet.. same issue on Orbi

OpenVPN from Android to home network assigned IP... but everything else at home is

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