R8000 and moving to a new ISP


R8000 and moving to a new ISP

Good Afternoon

I have a R8000 Nighthawk router with many routing rules configurations applied.

Up to now, I have used a cable modem that plugs from the Modem into the Routers Internet port.  

I have decided to move to a new ISP and have had a Fiber service installed.  I currently have modems from both ISP's running and both are working.  I was hoping to simply unplug my old ISP's modem and plug in the new one to the same port, and all of my configurations would just work, but this has not been the case.  When I plug in the new modem, the router does not see a connection to the intenet.


I know enough about configurations to be dangerous, so Im hoping I have overlooked something very simple and someone can suggest an easy adjustment to try before I go down the path of a factory reset.


Thanks in advance for any assistance

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 and moving to a new ISP

Have you tried something like a PC attached to the modem or what ever the fiber folks are calling it and does that work? 

If so then first step would be to shut off both the modem and the router. Power up the modem and let it stablize then do the same with the router with the router plugged into the modem. The router should now connect to the Internet. 

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Re: R8000 and moving to a new ISP


Thanks, I appreiate your response

Yes, when I plug the pc directly into the fiber modem, it works like a champ...I can also connect to it via its wireless broadcast as well... I did try shutting them both down and booting back up, but the R8000 never seems to see the internet connection.


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