ReadyCloud on LAN not working


ReadyCloud on LAN not working


I am attempting to get ReadyCloud working and I've gone through the instructions and have gotten this far:


- I have a USB external drive setup with ReadyShare on my router.  I can navigate to it via browser, file explorer and see it just fine.

- I've created a ReadyCloud account

- I've registered my router via the local web admin under ReadyShare

- My Router shows up on the ReadyCloud web site, but when I click it no folder/files show up

- I downloaded the iOS app and login, I can see my router, touch it, and I get a spinning status wheel for a bit, then get a "Network error" dialog and nothing shows up.


Is there some other setting that I missed to make this work?


Ignore the Model, the dropdown didn't have my R9000 X10 Router.

Model: ReadyNAS Remote|
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Re: ReadyCloud on LAN not working

One other aspect to this that may be affecting this is I have a Synology NAS on my network and have extnerally, ports 80 and 443 pointing to my external IP using a personal domain.  It's nothing special, mainly for me to play around with Wordpress, but not sure if this might be interfering.


I wouldn't think so while I am connected to the LAN, but it's another area if it would affect the feedback on this topic.

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