Router won't connect to modem


Router won't connect to modem

Hello, my Netgear R7000 router won't recognize and distribute a Internet connection from my modem (which is wired only), I can tell this because the light that is labeled with a world is blank, like there is no connection being sent to the router. When I connect directly to my modem into my laptop with an Ethernet cable, I get connection to my laptop. My computer recoginzes that I am a connected to the router, but the router isn't sending a signal to the wired and wireless connections. I have factory reset the router by pushing a pin into the hole, I still have the same issue.


The image below has a red circle around the light that should be lighiting up, but isn't, does anyone know how to fix this?


I'd call myself a technically incline person: as a high school student who has taken Intro to Computer Science, where I learned Python, and plans on taking AP A (Java) and AP Computer Principles before I graduate, and head to college for a Computer Science degree. Both my parents are in IT and they say that I have a better knowledge in fixing issues that aren't coding related than they do.





Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Router won't connect to modem

> [...] Netgear R7000 [...]


   Firmware version?


> [...] my modem [...]


   Not a very detailed description of anything.


> [...] My computer [...]


   Which is a what?


> [...] recoginzes that I am a connected to the router, but the router
> isn't sending a signal [...]


   "recoginzes"?  "not sending a signal"?  What, exactly, do those mean
to you?  Neither is a useful problem description.  It does not say what
you did.  It does not say what happened when you did it.  As usual,
showing actual actions with their actual results (error messages, LED
indicators, ...) can be more helpful than vague descriptions or

> [...] I have factory reset the router by pushing a pin into the hole,
> [...]


   "pushing" for how long?  And what happened when you did that?


> The image below [...]


   In-line images in these forums must wait for moderator approval, so I
can't see yours yet.  (An attached file incurs no such delay.)  Some
little description would be nice, even if the picture were visible.


> I'd call myself a technically incline person [...]


   Are you tecnically inclined enough already to have the R7000 User
Manual?  If not, then visit , put in your
model number, and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.
Read.  Beyond the basic set-up instructions, look for the LED
descriptions, "Troubleshoot", and "Factory Settings".

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Re: Router won't connect to modem

Can not see picture until a moderator enables it.


Well, I'm guessing here, but is this a new ROUTER? You either had a different one before or just connected the laptop to the modem.


Most modems 'remember' who they were connected to by MAC Address. They will not connect to another device until that is cleared. Could be your situation, don't know as you didn't describe what are all the troubleshooting you did?


What should be done to erase the modem 'memory' is power it off, with the router off. Turn it back on, wait for it to be fully up, then power on the router. That should fix it.


Of course there could be other issues. One would be the cable from modem to router. You didn't state if you used the same cable betweeen modem and laptop.


You did not state if the router is new or this is something that happened and it worked before? Yes, LED off means NO CONNECTION. It is possible you do have a defective router? One way to check if the cable from modem to router is working is to go to the Browser GUI from your Laptop plugged into the router (with it on) and on the ADVANCED TAB, in the INTERNET PORT box is SHOW STATISTICS. Click on that and what does the WAN PORT show? If LINK DOWN is shown, the cable or port is damaged? A look inside the port might show a bent pin even that could be easily fixed.

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Re: Router won't connect to modem

I forgot to explain, that the ethernet cord DOES work because I plugged it into my laptop from the modem. We’ve had that router for about 5 years and we haven’t had any issues with the router or the modem. I’ll check to see if the router has a bent pin and erase the modem’s memory.
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Re: Router won't connect to modem

Above suggestion to restart your network in correct order. 

Power off modem and router. 

Power on modem and wait for in to complete bootup, about 2 minutes

Power up router. 


Issue is the modem may only have the capability remember one MAC, which in this case is the PC. Powering off causes the modem to forget the previous MAC. Then it can recognise the router. 


If this does not work then the router could be suspect as being bad. 5 years old maybe replacement time. 

ISP Comcast, Modem-Netgear CM1150V, Router-Unifi Security Gateway-Pro4, AP-2 Unifi AP-LR
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Re: Router won't connect to modem

IMO, you need to fix that Internet LED problem first. If it's not turning on then there's something wrong with the Internet port. You could try this.

1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Internet port and the other end of the Ethernet cable to port 1.

2. Check both Internet and LAN 1 LEDs. They should be both turning on.

3. If not, try another cable and check the LEDs again.

4. If after resetting the router (by pressing the physical reset button on the back) and the Internet LED and LAN 1 LEDs are not turning on then Internet port could be defective. You could try to reinstall its firmware but I reckon it would be the same result. You could give it a try though.

5. If the Internet and port 1 LEDs are turning on then Internet port is working fine. Connect the cable again to your modem and once it lights up (Internet LED), configure the router for Internet connection.

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