Re: Slow Speeds on Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500v2


Slow Speeds on Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500v2

Full story as follows:


I upgraded internet to Gigabit speed, should be getting 1000mbps download and 50mbps upload. Because of this, I upgraded my old Arris Surfboard modem to a Motorola MB8600 Docsis 3.1 to take full advantage of the increase. When plugged in to the modem, I get 975mbps download and 1mbps upload (this has been an issue, disregard poor upload speeds. They are a symptom of a seperate problem).


However, when I plug in to the Nighthawk Router, I barely get 100mbps download speeds, and they seem to be all over the place. I have allowed router to find my speed, manually told it my speeds, shut off trafficing and QoS, helped a little but not  nearly what it should be capable of doing.


Any body have any better ideas? Done the power reset in order, the fact that the issue follows my router is a little concerning considering it is barely a year old. 


Firmware is which is showing as updated on Netgear's site.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Model: R7500v2|Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi
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Re: Slow Speeds on Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500v2

Wow Netgear. All I can say is kudos to you for charging customers to troubleshoot a product you sold. They want 150 dollars to help troubleshoot why I get poor download speeds through their router. For that money, I will simply buy a new router with a different company. What a miserable company that will charge you to help troubleshoot. Not even looking to return! Just want help figuring out what the issue is!


Never again will I buy a Netgear product with customer service like that. Hopefully anybody else seeing this truly understands what they are getting themselves into with a "90 day and then you pay" product line.

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