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Smart Connect and disabling the router's PIN

Hello all. First time posting here but I've read these forums a lot over my years of owning Netgear routers. It's been of great help so thank you all.  


I seached the forums high high and low and didn't seem to find an answer on this and I hope someone here may know.  I've attempted twice to get an answer from Netgear support and they don't seem to know.  There suggestion was for me to downgrade the firmware and "see what happens."


My question involves disabling the router PIN and smart connect.  With it on, as many of you may already know, you can't disable the router PIN. With it off, you can. 


So if I'm to disable smart connect, then disable the PIN, then reactivate smart connect, does that PIN stays disabled? 


I have stumped Netgear twice with this and downgrading my firmware seems to "see what happens" feels like more harm than good.  Does anyone know about this? Any input would bee greatly appreciated.  

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Smart Connect and disabling the router's PIN

With Netgear unable to give an an answer on this matter and the recent security debacle, I ended up returning my r7000 and exchangind it for an ASUS RT-AC68W.  Performace seems to be on par with the r7000 and it's been solid using it with Time Machine.  


It's really a shame because I've been using Netgear products for awhile but my gut told me to move on. Not knowing if the WPS router pin is on or off when a touted feature like Smart Connect is enabled just didn't sit well with me. I hope everyone has success with the new security firmware updates and everything goes trouble free for the laung haul. 


Happy holidays everyone and to a worry free 2017 with our routers.  

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