ac1750 Smart ????? WiFi r6350



Good GOD???

Really?  All this for that?


Im trying to get into the LOGIN rEQUIRED of the Nighthawk app,

however it requests your "admin credentials" to manage your router settings


ok, fricking great...however under 

user name:   I can't type **bleep** because it will not allow me to?


make this simple, cuz in about 20 seconds im just going to call a cable company and return this **bleep** back to where I bought it.

Im not a fan of things taking this long to work?  Who has that kind of time?

Not angry...just really not into all this time consuming stuff...and NO, i am not entitled...frustrated you betchya.


Thanks for your time,


Model: Dual Band
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Re: ac1750 itty bitty...itsy tiny barely legiable to the naked eye on the router are the answers...

however when I type IN the correct password on YOUR APP it won't take it.

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Re: ac1750

Lets stick to the facts so we can help you. This is the public forum where member from the public are trying to help others out. It isn't netgear on here. 

1. you put you have the R6350, is this correct?

2. Have you tried connecting to the router via a ethernet cord and going through setup? I'm not a huge fan of the app setup either. 

3. What firmware is on the router?

4. What modem are you connecting it to? 

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