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New to forum and to the new 7000 router I got a few days ago.

Trying to coordinate ReadyShare Vault with my WD MY Passport Ultra (MP) that I previously had and encrypted to back up PC using WD software. Some problems, curious if the two don't mesh or something can be fixed.

1 MP was already encrypted, put into R7000, nothing showed up on PC or R7000. Will MP show up if already encrypted using WD software?
2. Took off encryption, put in R, after about 5 miniuts, it showed up on R7000 as new S Drive.
a. MP does not show up on PC as H drive like before.
b. None of the stuff already backed up with WD software showed up on RS. can the Ready share show stuff backed up with other software?
3. When I backed some up with RS, not encrypted , and later put MP into PC, I could see it on PC, and could open.
4. When I backed some up with RS, encrypted , and later put into PC, I could see it on PC, but could not open it. Tried a number of times, can’t open
Does anyone know how to do this?

Lastly, guess the real issue for me - if I use Readyshare and put MP in R7000 and encyrpt using Readyshare, is there anyway to get at the info if the router goes bad without buying another Netgear product. or are you more or less stuck with Netgear to get the material.

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