xr500 and ac1900 together!!


xr500 and ac1900 together!!

My buddy gave me his ac1900 nighthawk and I already have the xr500. Is there a benefit of using both of these for a single cable internet connection? Lets say I am on one router upstairs and i go downstairs, will it connect to the router with the best signal automatically? Can both of the routers use the same network or will I have to switch between them manually on my phone/tablet or whatever?

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Re: xr500 and ac1900 together!!

Not good to have two routers on the same network. Can cause lots of network confusion and possibly on connection to Internet. 


The thing to do would be to put the AC1900, whatever it is ac1900 is a generic the manufacturers use to indicate speed, in AP mode. (Wireless access point). Best would be an Ethernet cable run from the xr500 to the ac1900, but you could also use a Ethernet over power adapter. 


Yes you could use the same SSID. This works in most cases. 


Go here and put in your router model number. You will be taken to a page where firmware is available for download and also the missing user manual. In the manual is how to configure AP mode, providing the unknown router supports it.

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