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Help with bridge?


Help with bridge?

I have a Cox cable modem/WiFi. I have the Rax router connected to the modem. It functions as router. The cable modem has the WiFi bands turned off. My PC is connected directly to the modem. My problem is I cannot detect devices connected to Rax from my PC. Specifically my printer.
If I turn the bridge mode on the modem I lose Internet from router. I cannot access the Netgear router from PC it only goes to the cable modem admin screen. I have WiFi on the PC but I'm trying to make it so I can keep the Ethernet connection and still print. I also want other devices to connect to the printer WiFi though.
I suspect I have two different LANS but unsure. Hoping someone might have some advice.
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Re: Help with bridge?

You're in a double NAT situation where you have 2 separate LANs that can't see each others. Follow these steps to resolve it

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Re: Help with bridge?

@Morgenk wrote:
The cable modem has the WiFi bands turned off.

This does not disable the router side of the cable modem router.


Just another user with a set of boilerplate macros.

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Re: Help with bridge?

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I don't think I need to tell you switching to an AP solved my issue, and headaches. Thank you again very much for your advice. 

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Re: Help with bridge?

Something to try next time if you want the RAX router to run behind another router while in router mode, use the host routers DMZ for the 2nd router behind. This usually help with the double nat issuse. 


Glad you got it working. Please mark your thread as solved so others will know. Be sure to save off a back up configuration to file for safe keeping. Saves time if a reset is needed.
Enjoy. 📡


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