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RAXE 300 router


RAXE 300 router

Hello everyone, new here on the community,

I have a problem with installing a brand new just bought RAXE 300 wireless router to my spectrum internet. Here are the details so bear with me,

I have Spectrum tv and internet with spectrum wireless router in my house.

I currently have a small Netgear plug in the wall receptacle extender down in my shop which works fine other then I cannot get the speed I now need to run CAD/CAM software. So I researched and found that I could install a second wireless router down in my shop. My Shop is about 200 feet from my house.

I have run CAT 7 underground rated cable from my shop to my spectrum wireless router inside the house so I supposedly should now have a harded wired modem in my shop that I can use for wireless just inside the shop.

I have done all of the reboot things to the equipment inside the house and in the shop. I also ran a second cat 7 cable to the house just to see if I had a cable problem but had the same results.

The warning that comes up is no ethernet cable installed. Can anybody help.


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Re: RAXE 300 router

What Firmware version is currently loaded?
What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?

Has a power off for 1 minute then back ON with the ISP modem/router and router been performed since last update?
Be sure to restart your network in this sequence:
Turn off and unplug modem.
Turn off router and computers.
Plug in and turn on modem. Wait 2 minutes for it to connect.
Turn on the router and wait 2 minutes for it to connect.
Turn on computers and rest of network.


Your ISP Modem already has a built in router and wifi. This would be a double NAT (two router) condition which isn't recommended. This would be a double NAT condition which isn't recommended. https://kb.netgear.com/30186/What-is-Double-NAT
Couple of options,
1. Configure the modem for transparent bridge or modem only mode. Then use the NG router in router mode. You'll need to contact the ISP for help and information in regards to the modem being bridged correctly.
2. If you can't bridge the modem, disable ALL wifi radios on the modem, configure the modems DMZ/ExposedHost or IP Pass-Through for the IP address the NG router gets from the modem. https://kb.netgear.com/25891/DMZ-on-NETGEAR-routers
3. Or disable all wifi radios on the modem and connect the NG router to the modem, LAN to LAN configure AP mode on the NG router.
Try option #3 first...


Connect a laptop or PC to the remote location to see if internet is accessible at the far end of the buried cable. 


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Re: RAXE 300 router

Firmware = V1.0.7.62_1

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Re: RAXE 300 router

Spectrum RAC2V2S Wireless router

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Re: RAXE 300 router

@GlennPetti wrote:

Spectrum RAC2V2S Wireless router

That plus the RAXE300 adds up to two routers on your network, an arrangement that causes many of the problems that appear here.


Two routers on your network can cause headaches. For example, you can end up with problems with local IP addresses. Among other things, the other router can misdirect traffic that the Netgear router usually handles, such as routerlogin.net or the usual default local IP address for a router,

This explains some of the other drawbacks.

What is Double NAT? | Answer | NETGEAR Support

Unless you have specific reasons for using two routers it is often easier to use just one router and to set up the second router as a wifi access point (AP) with a wired connection to the main router. Netgear advises this, as does just about every other site you will visit.


How to fix issues with Double NAT | Answer | NETGEAR Support

It may be possible to put a modem/router into modem only (bridge) mode and then to use the second device as the router. Sometimes it is easier to put the second router into AP mode. But that has its own drawbacks:

Disabled Features on the Router when set to AP Mode | Answer | NETGEAR Support


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