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I have the Orbi RBR 750. My son set up this router for me before he moved out. So, now I have to take it over to make sure it’s updated. I’ve managed to get from him the password and the information needed to login. However, it doesn’t work. I download the app because I called Support and they said that the best way to control the Orbi was to download an app and that from my desktop computer. Well now the app on my iPad does not work. When I set up my password on the computer and try to login with the app it says the password is invalid. However not only can I not login with my app, I cannot control the Orbi on the desktop. The man on the phone was more than willing to help me at a cost of $129. I think this is a purposeful set up and scam by Netgear. Am I wrong? No control over my device.

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I'd just log in through the browser. I prefer it to the app anyway (not all do).

Or have your son remote in using something like teamviewer since he set it up and should know the passwords/access for it. 

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