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SRR60 - Lack of TX/RX rate and Association Time


SRR60 - Lack of TX/RX rate and Association Time


I have an Orbi Pro router - SRR60 - with 5 satellites - SRS60.  Firmware = V2.5.2.104 for all devices.

They are working fine but when I view the status - by logging onto the SRR60 and then viewing the 'Attached Devices' page for the three satellites that are connected via wifi (the other two are hard-wired back to the SRR60) there is nothing showing in either TX/RX rate or Association Time. 

For any user devices that I have connected using wifi these are all showing values in these two columns.

It was not always this way as in the early days I did get values in these two columns for the SRS60 devices.  I would estimate the values disappeared around 2 weeks or so ago.

Any ideas as to why this should be the case?

Thanks,  Mike




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Re: SRR60 - Lack of TX/RX rate and Association Time

Please post about this over in the Orbi Pro forum:



Thank you. 

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