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OpenVPN Orbi CBR750


OpenVPN Orbi CBR750

Hello all and good day


My issue is that while accessing Orbi remotely I can get solid transfer speeds to the LAN side of the Orbi (~10MBs, not complaining) but when trying to transfer from the LAN side to my remote location, speeds are capped at 355KBs. 


ISP service is 600Mbps down, 25Mbps up

Remote connection is roughly 1gig symmetrical

Windows file transfer to and from SMB share




Open to all suggestions here, but I'm also curios if anyone knows what version of OpenVPN is being utilized in firmware version I am tempted to roll back OpenVPN gui on remote client to previous versions and see if the issue persists. Thank you in advance!


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Re: OpenVPN Orbi CBR750

VPNs can slow down speeds. Something to check with OpenVPN about. 

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