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wired backhaul netgear orbi rbk353


wired backhaul netgear orbi rbk353

I was wondering if it is okay to create a wired backhaul like this?(see added picture). So the switch isn't connected to the main router but to the first satellite which then connects it to the second satellite via the switch. The picture shows that the satellites have 4 ethernet ports but the RBK353 satellites only have 2 ethernet ports and I want to connect a switch to the second router so that leaves no ethernet port to directly connect satellite 1 and 2 to each other. Would this work?


Thank you guys in advance. Wired backhaul..PNG

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Re: wired backhaul netgear orbi rbk353

It should work. I've setup other orbi setups like that with them working. I haven't tried that specific one though

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