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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Can not login to orblilogin.com


Can not login to orblilogin.com



I've had my Orbi system for about 2 years now. Very happy with it!


I initially set it up (and consequently managed) using the Orbi app on my iPhone ... which means I never configured anything in the Orbi login.com web interface.


I now need to change an advanced setting (having trouble with a PS4 connection and want to try an option). That option (switching into Access Point mode) is not available in the app. As such I need to get into the Orbilogin.com web interface.


Here's my problem...when I try to login with the default username and password I get rejected. After 3 attempts I get to a reset flow ... which means a serial number and then some challenge questions. As I've never originally configured the challenge questions ... it fails in this flow too. I honestly don't believe I've ever changed anything in here from default so I'm not sure why it's not working ... but it's clearly not!


So my ask is ... how do I get into Orbilogin.com given the above situation? Is a hard reset the only option open to me? Any ideas welcome.







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Re: Can not login to orblilogin.com

Yes, a Factory Reset is the only way to get web access to the Orbi router.  There may have been a step during the original setup where you changed the web password from the default ("password") to something else and just kept going without realizing it might be needed some day.


You are correct.  Access Point (AP) mode cannot be set using the app. Nor can ports be forwarded to the PS4.  Is it safe to conclude that the PS4 is complaining about Double NAT and the goal is to keep the ISP router and remove the Double NAT by putting the Orbi into AP mode?

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Re: Can not login to orblilogin.com

Make sure that your modem is connected to the Internet port on your Orbi router. It's possible that orbilogin.net and orbilogin.com are cached in your browser. Try accessing the links using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Try using another wireless device to connect to the Orbi router.

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