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My experience and question


My experience and question

Hello everyone, 

I just purchased the Netgear Orbi AC3000 Tri-Band Wifi pack of 2 units. 

here's my experience so far. 

Initially, it was set up with Google Wifi, but I no longer like it since the performance was slow and all BUT it was stable and consistent. The app was very responsive. 

With this, it took me one surprisingly HOUR to get everything set up. Then I started to question like are they working? Why isn't the light blink solid color like the way google Wifi did? 

The app itself was driving me crazy, even though the app got 4.8 ratings, I was puzzled of how people got through the setup and saying it only took 10 minutes to set up. 

As for the internet connection, I setup everything else to it with no problems. I just want to know if there's a way to see if both router and satellites are online, because it only show "internet: online" but I have no ways of knowing if they' REALLY online

Also, how to configure the lights? I want the lights on. 

Also, I've been reading up how to disable QoS, so how?

Are there anything I should know to keep this running strong and good 24/7?

Model: RBR50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Router Only)
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Re: My experience and question

You will want to go to the attached devices on your orbi GUI and see if the satellites are showing attached if so they should have internet. Orbi does not currently have QOS.



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