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ORBI CPU Super High


ORBI CPU Super High

I recently dumped my old router/wifi system to go with the Orbi WiFi-Mesh system.


I had big hopes.  I purchased an RBR50, RBS50 & RBS40 (An Amazon 7000 sq ft package).


When I recieved them, they were all running firmare .12.  I had the same issue many others have, devices not appearing in a device list, or the right device list, device drops, many issues.


After working with Netgear support, flashing firmware back, etc.. the RBS40 ended up totally dead, the RBR/S 50 still worked the same way.


Netgear shipped me a new RBS40 (new to me) and it was running an older version of firmware., which isn't even an option to download from Netgear Firmware page for the RBS40. 


However, the RBS came up and worked.  perfectly.  Devices near it started connecting and showing up in the Device list.  Just the way its supposed to work.


So, I decided that I would back-level the firmware in the RBR/S50 to the same version.  And, wow.. all the devices are working as they are supposed to.  Devices connected to the closes satallite or router.  Showing up in the correct device lists, etc.


However, even before I flashed back the firmware, since getting my ORBI system, I am getting buffering pretty regularly streaming from a Dish Hopper (hard wired to RBS50) to any FireStick in my house running the DishAnywhere app.  I get buffering on other apps as well, but we use the Dish the most.  the Buffering isn't very long.. a second or 2 max.. but it will happen 5-6 times during a hour long show.


So, I started watching CPU on the devices.  All 3 devices, the RBR50, RBS50 & RBS40 CPU is almost always over 50% and as high at 70%, with not a great amount of activity on the network.


I do have 30+ devices, several Alexa's, FireSticks, iPads and several PC's.  This morning I started work, NO ONE in the house, no TV on, nothing really happening at all.  and the CPU Utilization were all over 55%.


What should be a CPU Util I should be expecting?  This could be the reason for the buffering and occasional drops and delays in webpages to load.



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