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RB50 - Link Rate Puzzle and Login Problems


RB50 - Link Rate Puzzle and Login Problems

When I review my connected devices on my Orbi app, I notice that some devices have a link rate of 390-500 Mbps (even those showing a weak wireless connection (one green bar)), whereas some devices that have a strong wireless connection have a link rate that is much lower - for example, Roku Streaming Stick showing 45 Mbps.


I woud be grateful if someone could explain what this means and if I need to fix/change anything. 


In reading a little about this, it has been suggested that I enable Beanforming, MIMO and WMM under "Advanced Tab/Advanced Settings/Wireless Settings" but I do not see anywhere in the Orbi app that will let me find these settings, and I am unable to log in on the desktop at Orbilogin - I get the following inexplicable message. 


"Looks like you’re not connected to your Orbi’s WiFi network." 


How do I log in to make any of these advanced setting changes?



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Re: RB50 - Link Rate Puzzle and Login Problems

Most features are not available in the Orbi app. You need to change these using a web browser on the RBR. 


Please post about any Orbi app question, help and problems in the Orbi app forum:


Good luck. 

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