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Remote Management


Remote Management

i have a RBR40 wth satelite setup, i configured my orbi router with ssid as well as a guest ssid. i diabled the dhcp on the orbi router so my isp supplied router can assign with a network i specified to my connected devices. i have my isp router in my office and the orbi upstairs conected by a switch, i have the ethernet plugged into in an ethernet instead of the internet port. by doing this my isp router can assign ip addresses but my orbi router shows magenta but i have access to the internet. is it supposed to be that color and i also turned on remote management but with the address it give i cant access my orbi. how do i get access to my orbi through th einternet regardless of device i use.

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Re: Remote Management

You should be able to use the internal Ip address that your router is assigning the orbi unit.



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Re: Remote Management

If your router has a static IP assigned by your ISP, you do not need the DDNS setup.  You should see the required access address in the Remore Management page.  Note that you should use "https", not "http".  Be sure to add the port number after the address.


If you have setup the DDNS in the DDNS page, the address listed should reflect this automatically.

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