Orbi RBK 852 Schedule Shutdown & Device access


Orbi RBK 852 Schedule Shutdown & Device access

Dear Sir,


I want to know why such an expensive mesh router like RBK852 (AX6000) doesn't have feature like schedule wifi shutdown and per device access control? This is very important for letting kids to sleep at night, just shutdown the WiFi. Many Sub $200 WiFi router has such feature. If I am not wrong, pls consider to implement this feature to all Orbi series ASAP. Also if Netgear is able to implement per device access will be even great. And is Orbi RBK852 also doesn't work with Disney Circle anymore?





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Re: Orbi RBK 852 Schedule Shutdown & Device access

your not alone with this gripe... Disney Circle is supposedly coming at some point from what i read.. yes it will be a paid feature.. i think there are some free features but what you mentioned with scheduled shut off for a specific device may fall under the paid area. Ive had my 852 for 5 days and have three more weeks to test her out.. i love the way the orbi works and for the most part love the app and web ui... but the fact that armour is extra and there are zero parental control capabilities are taxing on me to return her.. Think I may try the Linksys MX10, it has that per device control you mentioned, parental controls, alexa controls and is close in stats to the orbi...

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Re: Orbi RBK 852 Schedule Shutdown & Device access

Please post about this here:


Good Luck.

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