Re: RBS40V with RBR850


RBS40V with RBR850


I just upgraded from an RBR50 Orbi Mesh to the new RBR850 Orbi mesh. As part of my upgrade process I created a new SSID and used the old SSID as the guest network since I wanted all my non-essential devices to now be on the guest network. 


On my old network I also had n RBS40V which I mainly used to listen to music and access Alexa. I found that I could add back the RBS40V to my Orbi network but I had to use a hard wired connection. I was able to get it to connect and it shows up as a Satellite in the Orbi app. 


The issue is that the RBS40V is still running as a WIFI extender. It is plugged into my network but it is running using the old SSID with the old SSID password. So now some of the devices that are near it are connecting via the RBS40V and are getting IP addresses for my main network instead of the guest network. 


I tried doing a factory reset and also removed the device from the Orbi network, but now it has the default username/password and Orbi11 SSID which don't get updated when Orbi adds it back as a Satellite. 


Is there any way to correct this? Do I need to setup my old RBR50 and use that to configure this?


Thanks for any tips. 

Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: RBS40V with RBR850

Also, the bitdefender security scan isn't bringing up the issue that this device has the default username/password. Seems like it should be. 

Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: RBS40V with RBR850

An the RBS40 isn't getting any correct sync information from the RBR? 

Does the RBR web page show the RBS40v connected or disconnected? Show out of sync? 

I think there is one other user that posted that his RBS50 that were wired were not connecting right since v4 FW was updated...

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Re: RBS40V with RBR850

Did you read my post @FURRYe38 ? I'm connected using wired. 

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