Orbi AC3000


Orbi AC3000

I bought Orbi from costco (1 router 2 satellites) connecting orbi router to my existing xfinity ARRIS MODEL: TG1682G, I'm not sure if all my 3 orbi working because my desktop computer is only 4 feet away from one of the orbi satellite it can get only 20 to 50 mbps, when I push the SYN button on router and satellite the white light flashing about 3 minutes then turn off they didn't show any other color at all, and how to turn off my existing wifi gateway to improve the orbi peformance. Thank you

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Re: Orbi AC3000

Hello mygear_commute


You will need to log into the Arris and somewhere should be the option to make it work as modem only or say bridge the device that way orbi can be the main router. And to check if your satellites are connect got to login with admin/password then click on attached devices here you should be able to see if 2 satellites are connected to the unit.



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