Orbi AC3000

How can i expand my AC3000 RBK53 Triband wifi system for a 7000 sq foot (single story) ranch style home plus garage? The box says you can add a 3rd satellite but where can it be purchased and what are the setup instructions? Cant find any info online and cant get through to netgear (2 calls disconnected both times, 2 hours wasted already, frustrating). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi AC3000

Hello br30328


Here is the amazon link to a extra unit and all you need to do is the same sync process you did with your other satellite units.



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Re: Orbi AC3000

Looks like a few places online have it. Do a search for a Orbi RBR50. Best Buy, newegg, Amazon, eBay etc all show as having it.
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