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Orbi RBK50: Signal Strength and RBS50 Satellite Availability

It seems the Orbi RBS50 Satellite isn't available to buy in the UK, except in a twin pack with the router. Does anyone know when they will be available in the UK please? I want to make the jump to Orbi, but I'm quite confident I will need at least 2 satellites. My house is built mostly with stud plasterboard walls which you'd think would make wifi signals strong, but for some reason NOTHING gets through - very annoying. I can only think it is because the pasterboard is foil backed everywhere (which I think is unusual for internal walls).


At the moment I have a Nighthawk 7500, which is as good as its been. Will the router to satellite connections be as strong as the Nighthawk signal or will I struggle to get the route/satellites to talk to each other?

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Re: Orbi RBK50: Signal Strength and RBS50 Satellite Availability

I would not expect miracles.  As fast as the Orbi's dedicated wirehaul is, it's still subject to government regulations on transmission power, which should be the same as the R7500.  And the same laws of physics will apply.  If your rooms are effectively Faraday cages, then the Orbi will probably fare no better.


All you can do is buy from a business with a liberal return policy and try it. 

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