Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections


Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections

Orbi wifi system with two satellites no longer working. 


You can see the SSID of the network, but when you connect it appears to connect for a brief second than boots you off the wifi network.


No lights on any orbi unit indicating failure.


Huh. Ordering some Unifi devices now to see if I have better luck with those.

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Re: Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections

Might be faster to call product support to see if they can resolve the issue.  Be sad to invest in slower equipment when there might be an easy fix.

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Re: Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections

I'm thinking i'd need to reboot these orbi devices often, or there is something wrong with the units I received.


Just placed an order for 3 of the unif-ac-pro, which are 1300MBPS on the 5ghz band. Which is actually faster than the 867MBPS that the Orbi peaks out on 5GHZ band.


The "AC3000" designator on the Orbi device is just cleaver marketing. Most of that is for the backhaul channel anyways (1733 Mbps of it), so useable speed for actual user traffic is limited to 867 (5ghz band), and 450 (2.4ghz band).


Should actually be faster with the Unifi devices, but will find out on Friday when they arrive.

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Re: Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections

Unifi-AC-PRO 1300MBPS wireless AP's are in. Was very easy to setup, and now have one SSID throughout the whole house and the unifi controller software is amazing. I even tried out the unifi controller iphone app, and you can see all clients connected, their bandwidth usage. It also notifies you when a device roams from one AP to another. Very nice!


Brought back the Orbi last night. Hopefully netgears software will improve, but unfortunately I can't wait.


Also tested the speed out on the Unifi AC-PRO 1300MBPS units. This informal test I streamed back a movie that would stutter due to buffering issues on the Orbi. It was a high bandwidth MKV video file, and there is absolutely no stuttering with the Unif-AC-Pro's. 


Also, the Unfi AP's are very intelligent in setting their RF spectrums, as the controller knows about all the AP's on the network and automatically set each AP to appropriate settings by spacing out the spectrum between each AP. And you can do an RF Scan on each AP to fine tune things (have not had to do yet, as everything works perfect after plugging them in).


Also, I initially was having a small issue with the Unifi controller not finding the AP's, ended up being windows firewall issue, and I started a support ticket (24x7 support can be initiated right from the controller application) and I got a response within a minute via a live chat from within the Unifi controller application. Wow. Now that is amazing support from Ubiquiti! 24x7 support, built right into the software!

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Re: Orbi no longer accepting any wifi connections

If you have wiring for ethernet where you can place those, then that is the best way to do it.  But if not, the Orbi is the way to go for most.

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