GS752TXS has random ports losing VLAN 3 association


GS752TXS has random ports losing VLAN 3 association

I have a GS752TXS firmware with a strange issue.

VLAN 3 (1-45 Untagged, 47 Tagged) is a real multicast VLAN. I'm not sure if this issue is happening due to the multicast traffic, but the switch will randomly use VLAN configurations.

When selecting the Switching -> VLAN -> VLAN Membership -> VLAN 3 I notice some of the ports go 'unconfigured' or gray. I'll configure them all back to U, untagged, and after.. ( a day? ), they a different amount will be unconfigured again. This is extremely inconvenient, especially for one of the tagged port that goes to another switch as that section of the network gets disconnected.

Is anyone else having random VLAN Memberships going away?

Additionally, for a PC using Dektec StreamXpert, I must set 'Validate IGMP IP header' to 'Disable' before I can analyze multicast traffic. Is this a Netgear bug or a Dektec bug? Interesting..

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The setup of the switch does have some other VLAN (3, 10, and 20) and routes between them, but thought they may not be relevant to this phenomenon.

Thank you so much
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