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QoS Prioritisation using DSCP/DiffServ with Linux and XS708Ev2


QoS Prioritisation using DSCP/DiffServ with Linux and XS708Ev2


I'm trying reduce the mean-delay (round-trip-time) of my PTP packets when going over a switch and generated traffic by increasing the DSCP priority - but without success so far.


I have a XS708Ev2 and two types of data

  • low priority iperf data with 9k packet size
  • high priority PTP multicast data with about 100 byte packet size


I ve set the QoS of the XS708Ev2 to "802.1p/DSCP-based" (which was the default) - see attached screenshot.


Further more I ve set the DSCP field of the multicast traffic on both - sender and receiver - to CS5:

  • sudo iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -d -j DSCP --set-dscp-class cs5

I'm not using 802.1p - so there is no VLAN tag which could overrule the DSCP value.



I verified this by wireshark:

  • low priority (CS0) iperf data
  • high priority (CS5) multicast PTP data

Is there something wrong with my approach - or is there another setting to enable QoS in the Switch?


I ve seen other configuration menus, which have some CoS sub-menus under QOS - but in my case only the port-based or DSCP-based setting is selectable - is this enough to get it working?



Thanks a lot in advance,





Model: XS708Ev2|ProSafe Plus 10G 8 ports switch
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Re: QoS Prioritisation using DSCP/DiffServ with Linux and XS708Ev2



I suggest to open a chat or online support ticket with NETGEAR Support here at anytime.  Kindly state your objective as well as the steps you have done so far. 






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