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Why We Require Registration on Smart Pro Switches


Why We Require Registration on Smart Pro Switches



NETGEAR has begun to require registration for manageable products due to enhanced concerns for security compliance and customer care in all regions of the world. An informational flyer is packed into all new shipping products. Learn more about why you should register your NETGEAR Switches and other business products.

The registration requirement applies to the following products:

Smart Managed Pro Switches

Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switches

Smart Managed Pro Switch with Cloud Management

Smart Managed Plus Switches (Reg is recommended, but not required)


The benefits to registering your switches are many including:

Registration helps you keep your switch up to date and safe. We will be able to alert you if any new regulations are passed which require us to have additional security or privacy features.

Registering helps you unlock switch warranty and support entitlements. We will be able to significantly simplify the process of getting you help if your product ever fails or needs troubleshooting.

Registering switches gives you peace of mind. We will let you know about all new fixes or features which we add to your product and will supply you with links to let you upgrade. For instance, the recently added Insight Management options to certain smart pro switch firmware. 

Be aware that we take your privacy very seriously and we will never share your information with third parties. We also allow you to determine exactly what information we will send to you in the future.


There are certain switch functions that will still be accessible for unregistered switches such as IP Configuration, Switch Soft rebooting, factory resetting and more. A full list here unregistered functionality of Smart Managed Pro Switches can be found here. 


To access the full configuration and management capabilities of your switch, register your switch to your NETGEAR account

insight-app-screenshot-array.pngThere are several options you can use when registering your switches. One of our favorites is with the NETGEAR Insight Remote Management App. Simply download on iOS or Android, then follow the on-screen registration instructions in the “Register any NETGEAR device on the hamburger menu. Insight makes it super easy to scan the QR code on the device with your phone. Or, if you have Insight Premium credits you can also register from www.insight.netgear.com. Note, *All NETGEAR devices can be registered with the Insight app, but only devices labelled as Insight Managed are fully manageable by Insight and included in the Insight subscription as a paid device. Learn more about the Insight solution and subscriptions at www.netgear.com/insight 


Other alternatives for registration of any NETGEAR product (including switches) by visiting mynetgear.com. Once there, you can create or login to a My Netgear account then use on-screen instructions to register your products.


Finally, if you can also register your switches directly in its management screen as long as it has access to the Internet. From the local LAN (to the switch) browse to its IP address in a supported web browser. Instructions are included in the switch interface for registering the device.


For additional information on these procedures and processes, please visit the NETGEAR Product Registration FAQ.


Product Registration FAQ:


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