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Data VLAN 10 "add interface ip error


Data VLAN 10 "add interface ip error

Setting up my network to run 4 VLANs for an a Audio Architect (AA) system that segregates default/native from Dante primary and secondary along with a second data VLAN for control of the AA. We are using 7 Netgear M4250's (GSM4248) switches. The default/native network is VLAN 1 (IP at XXX.XXX.0.XXX, mask at


Trying to have segregation, the AA (also data) VLAN, is set as VLAN 10, with a static IP of XXX.XXX.10.XXX, masked at and the Dante primary is set to static XXX.XXX.20.XXX, masked at, with the DHCP set to ON or Server.


With these settings I get the "Add Interface Error". I would like to segregate the two data environments (AA and Netgear Default) and retain the static settings of a very large AA design. Not sure what needs to be done to make this happen.

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