Setup Softether VPN


Setup Softether VPN

I'm trying to understand how to setup VPN server on my readyNAS device.
My objective is to access internet securely while I'm connected to public wifi networks from outside.
So I'm assuming that accessing home internet via a VPN client will do the job.

What exactly do I have to do to setup the VPN addon? Is there any step-by-step tutorial somewhere?
I can see a setup for vpn-server for windows machine. I was thinking that vpn-server is installed on ReadyNAS after installing that addon and just client needs to be installed on my laptop, but I cant seem to access server interface from ReadyNAS.

Right now I downloaded vpn-server software for windows and created a user. I'm not sure what to do next.

Can someone please help. I'm a newbie in networking, so please explain in detail is possible.
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Setup Softether VPN

Install the console on windows to manage it
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Re: Setup Softether VPN

Hi Rajivvishwa, I suggest you to download a launch the VPN server manager. Using it you will be able to create a user so that the client can connect.
According to my reading/underestanding of your post, I had the same issue and I solved as I wrote here above. Two weeks ago I bought a RN102 (I have also seen this coding RN10200).
In summary there are two distinct download you need to carry out: VPN Client manager and VPN Server manager (both are from SoftEther website). In my case, both executable were for Windows but you choose according the operating system you are using.
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Re: Setup Softether VPN

Hello, I have VPN Server ver 1.1.9 and VPN Client ver 1.1.6 running on my ReadyNAS 102.

I have no issues with the VPN Server. I'm trying to use the VPN client on my Readynas to connect to a remote network.
This will enable the NAS to transmit and receive files on a 'private' rather than 'public' network. In addition, I assume I could connect the ReadyNAS to a VPN and then use Transmission to download bittorrent via a private rather than public internet.

I've installed VPN Client Manager for windows. I assume I use this application to initiate VPN sessions from the Readynas to the remote network. is the local address of my ReadyNAS

Any ideas how to enable remote management? If this requires SSH commands, please can someone provide in full?

Many thanks,

-- Dan
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Re: Setup Softether VPN

I think I posted this in the wrong section. Apologies my unit is a RN102 running OS 6
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