NETGEAR GS108UK intermittently dropping connections



I bought 2 GS108 Unmanaged switches to setup a home network. One worked without any problems but I've had problems from the start with the 2nd switch. It took me a while to pinpoint the switch as causing the problems as I thought it might the NIC card or ethernet cables. Basically, the devices will get an IP address and will connect to the network (and Internet) but will constantly intermittently drop their connection. I use Window's Remote Desktop frequently and this issue makes using it a nightmare. 


I followed the support route via NETGEARS's website but all I got was a local phone number which just rings out without any signs that it is a NETGEAR support line. I also opened a support ticket (case #40689776) but haven't had any response so far. This device is supposed to have a lifetime warranty but without being able to contact NETGEAR this is of no value to me. 


Would appreciate any help you can give me.




Model: GS108|Gigabit Switches
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Re: NETGEAR GS108UK intermittently dropping connections

Hi alkelly,


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GS108 is just a plug and play unit. If it seems that you already isolated the case by using another cable or device, then you may now request for an RMA for your unit. You may also open a chat case on our support website.


If ever your concern has been addressed or resolved, I encourage you to mark the appropriate reply as the “Accepted Solution” so others can be confident in benefiting from the solution. The NETGEAR Community looks forward to hearing from you and being a helpful resource in the future!



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Re: NETGEAR GS108UK intermittently dropping connections

Hi John,


Thanks for you response. How do I request a RMA? I've already opened a support case on your website but nobody as responded to it yet. When I select request RMA from the link you sent and I enter the serial number I just get a number for Ireland which just dials out. 


Kind regards,


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Re: NETGEAR GS108UK intermittently dropping connections

There is also the "replace my defective device" while crating a new ticket:


Replace my defective device.PNG


Here the generic process -> How do I request a Return Material Authorization (RMA)?

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Re: NETGEAR GS108UK intermittently dropping connections

Hi schumaku,


Thanks for you advice. However when I select that option I get the following:


Contact our experts to request for warranty replacements

Person Name
When I select Call us, I just get presented with a form to fill out my details and details of the problem. After submitting that I just get the phone number which I've tried previously and which doesn't work. 
Kind regards,
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