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Unmanaged switches: Difference between GS608v4 and GS308


Unmanaged switches: Difference between GS608v4 and GS308

Hi, I need to extend my home network as I have 500Mb cable arriving.  I have a GS608v4, and am looking for another 8 port switch to add to the network.  However I do not understand the differences between the GS608 which retails at £50-60 and the GS308 which is available for £25.  

The only difference I can see is that the GS308 has a packet buffer memory which is dynamically allocated of 192KB, whereas the 608 has a Buffer memory of 1.5Mbit.  Is this teh main difference, and does this make a significant difference to the network performance? or is there some other performance difference between these two models.  Thanks


(I do realise one is in a nice plastic case and the other in a blue metal box, but surely there is more to it than this?) 🙂

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Re: Unmanaged switches: Difference between GS608v4 and GS308

Can't see the big retail price difference in the central European market for the GS608v4 and GS308. Here in Switzerland the differences is less than 10% range, some 27.50 to 25 CHF for each model Swiss VAT included.  


Hard to see a real performance difference in daily operations anyway. 

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