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Access Point and Extender mode


Access Point and Extender mode

If I have the first extender set up in Access Point Mode, must I keep the ethernet connection?   I have two buildings with a garage between.  The first building I live in - has the router.  The second building I am trying to extend a reliable internet connection to.  I put one extender in a location half way between the two buildings.  It gives me internet in the second building but I keep loosing the connection.  I bought a second extender for the second building.  I am now trying to link them all together to give me a good internet in the second building.  How to set up each extender?

Model: EX7300v2|AC2200 Nighthawk X4 WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: Access Point and Extender mode

How far apart are these? 

You ideal setup is with a hardwired connection and not using wireless. The reason is a standard extender has to receive a signal and then rebroadcast it. And it can't do both at once. So it looses 50% of whatever throughput it had in that area. Add a 2nd extender and you're goin to be at less than 25%. Potentially much less depending on where each was located. 

If you can hardwire in the devices, you'll have much better speeds/performance. 

If thats not possible and the distance is to far for standard extenders, I'd look into netgears airbridge setup. 

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